Coming up:

Sept 5th 2015 Beaded Bugs and FlowersBotanic Gardens, Leicester

Aug 4th 2015 Wire Crochet Jewellery, Wistow Gallery

Aug 4th 2015 Ornamental Birdcage, Wistow Gallery

July 11th 2015 Personalised Porcelain PiecesWistow Gallery

July 11th 2015 Lacy Porcelain Tea LightsWistow Gallery

June 28th 2015 Patchwork Wire Picture, Wistow Gallery

June 28th 2015 Ornamental Bird Cage, Wistow Gallery

May 21st 2015 Patchwork Porcelain PictureWistow Gallery

May 21st 2015 Patchwork Wire PictureWistow Gallery

April 9th 2015 Beady Bugs and FlowersNCCD, Sleaford

April 14th 2015 Bead and Wire BirdsWistow Gallery

April 25th 2015 Beaded Light CatcherEmbrace Arts, Leicester

April 25th 2015 Soap CarvingEmbrace Arts, Leicester

March 25th 2015 Speed LearningThe Exchange, Leicester

March 22nd 2015 Wire Crochet Jewellery, Wistow Gallery

March 5th-May 30th 2015 AnniversaryUnit Twelve, Staffordshire

Jan 24th 2015 Personlised Porcelain Decorations, Wistow Gallery

Jan 24th 2015 Beaded Jewellery Workshop, Wistow Gallery Leicestershire

Jan 11-13th 2015 Craft (Trade)Olympia, London

Jan 6th-31st 2015 On Repeat, Ornamentum, LCB Depot, Leicester

Dec 2nd-24th 2014 On Repeat, OrnamentumSnibston Museum, Coalville, Leicestershire

Oct 2014 Soap Carving, Lincolnshire One Venues (LOV) Young People’s Programme, NCCD, Sleaford

Nov 2014 Porcelain Decorations – Wistow Gallery, Leicestershire

Nov 2014 Beaded Christmas Decoration- Gifted14– NCCD, Sleaford

Nov 2014 Beautiful Bird Brooches, Wistow Gallery, Leicestershire

Oct 2014 Porcelain Decorations , NCCD, Sleaford

Oct 2014 Creative Careers DayNCCD, Colleges and Schools, Sleaford

June 2014 Art House 2014, Leicester

April – May 2014 Unfold – Exploring the Process of Collaboration, Walford Mill, Wimborne, Dorset

April 2014 British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF), Harrogate

2013/14  Textile Arts Center, New York, Creative Twinning, US

2013/14 Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, Butcher Works Studios, Sheffield

2013/14 Boutique Designer Maker Show @ Staircase House, Stockport

2013 Eunique International Exhibition of Applied Art and Design, Karlsruhe, Germany

2013 British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF), Harrogate

2013 Synchronise, NCCD Sleaford, Lincs

2013 Intro to Ornamentum Exhibition, Maker’s Yard, Leicester

2013 Stockport Designer Craft Show 2012, Stockport Art Gallery, Stockport

2012 ‘Inspire & Unite’ Creative Twinning, ‘The Space’ Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham

2012  The Collective, Gallery 12, Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1st College, Leicester

2012 ‘Stitched’, Craft Shop, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

2012 BCTF, Harrogate

2012 The Collective, Atkins Building, Hinckley

2011/12 The Winter Show, Nicola Hurst Gallery Shop – Devon

2011/12 Open 23, City Gallery – New Walk Museum, Leicester

2011 Alternative Village Fete,  Tattershall Castle, Tattershall, Sleaford

2011 Queen’s Road Summer Fair, Queen’s Road- Leicester

2011 Spring Exhibition, Made Gallery – Uppingham

2011 British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF), Harrogate

2011 Flair, Ferrers Gallery

2011 The Collective, The LCB Depot, Leicester

2010/11 Open 22, City Gallery – New Walk Museum, Leicester

2010 Fresh, The Beetroot Tree Gallery, Draycott

2010 Fusion, Catmose Gallery, Oakham

2009 Finalist Show, Leicestershire Artist of the Year, Ferrers Gallery, Ashby de la Zouch

2009 20 Open Exhibition, The City Gallery, Leicester

2008 Lustre, “Young Meteors”, Lakeside Arts, Nottingham

2008 Design Factory, Sleaford

2008 New Designers, Business Design Centre, Islington

2008 19th Open Exhibition, The City Gallery, Leicester

2008 Open Exhibition, Ten 2 Gallery, Hinckley

2007 Focusing the Lens, The City Gallery, Leicester

2007 Imprint, The LCB Depot, Leicester


Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop, The Lace Market, Nottingham

Made, Uppingham, Rutland

Found Gallery, Dunbar, East Lothian

Embrace Arts, Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester

National Centre for Crafts & Design, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

The Craft Centre and Design Gallery, City Art Gallery, Leeds (Cards only)

Wistow Gallery, Wistow Rural Centre, Wistow, Leicestershire